Comfiknit: good for you and good for the planet

A Lifecycle Approach to Sustainability

Comfiknit's vision of sustainability encompasses the entire lifecycle of our products. From production to end-of-life, we are mindful of every step:

  • Naturally Sustainable: Comfiknit combines the natural properties of different yarns, meaning less water and fewer chemicals required in the manufacturing process. Water used for planting and growing cotton is three times higher than Comfiknit fibers.
  • Long-Lasting and Easy to Clean: No spray no chemicals means fabrics that retain their functionality for longer, wash after wash. Clothing containing plant-based fiber, which differs from other synthetic fibers.
  • Our fabrics are 100% biodegrable.

Bring non toxic fabrics to more people, in more places, we ensure our suppliers are in compliance with the following certifications:

For Knitted Fabrics made from Recycled Polyester

Thoroughly tested for harmful substances.

For Dyed Fabrics

Adhering to Ecological and labour Conditions as stipulated by the standard.

For Fabrics & Dyed Fabrics

Certification for recycled content, chemical restrictions and social environmental practices.

Utilising the Higg Index to measure our sustainability practices

Self-assessment tool for supply chain sustainability.

Join Us In Shaping A Sustainable Future!

Choosing us is more than a fashion statement; it's a commitment to a sustainable future. Every Comfiknit garment embodies our dedication to environmental responsibility, innovation, and quality. Together, let's weave a greener tomorrow.


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