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  • Moisturising - ensuring your skin hydrating throughout the day
  • Mild acidic pH - promoting a healthy microbial balance and preserving skin's natural defenses
  • Non toxic - our fabric is gentle on the skin and does not cause irritation, unlike other fabrics that are the source of irritation
  • UV protection - our UPF +50 rating will shield your skin from harmful rays
  • Anti-odor - to inhibit the growth of bacteria, minimizing odor and you can enjoy long-lasting freshness
  • Sustainability- deep rooted values offer biodegradable fabrics that are good for the earth

Just received my Comfiknit Hoodie and I'm impressed! It is incredibly comfortable - like, wear-all-day-every-day comfortable. The moisture control is a real deal, perfect for my morning jogs and then lounging around the house. Olive is my favourite version. Recommend!

Alina Ratta - VIP Hair Stylist

I bought these for a recent trip and ended up wearing them almost every day. They're lightweight and the UV protection is a great bonus. The fit is just right, not too tight or too loose. A solid purchase!

David Zaitz - Entrepreneur

Wore my Comfiknit Sky Hoodie on a long flight and wow, it's like a comfy cloud! Usually, I get off planes feeling super dry, but this time my skin was actually okay. Plus, it's so soft and kinda stylish too. Definitely a must-have if you're flying a lot.

Alex Jackson - Talent Manager

I've been wearing my Comfiknit Hoodie everywhere. It's super comfy and keeps me cool. Also, love the fit - it's relaxed but still looks good. Got mine in that cool Placid Blue and it goes with pretty much everything. Totally recommend!

Maria Bond - Entrepreneur & Real Estate Agent


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